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You are 'YOU' and can only be one like you, right? Let's show it that ways!

Fast and easy to use

Finally a platform made for the fast and serious. Just put in your info and experience and we’ll do the rest. Now you’ll have time to focus on your personal brand and speech.

Personal and tailor-made

You’ll love how easy and personal creating a resume with arbunize is. Choose a brand archetype and choose between different resumes for you to tailor.

Beautiful responsive designs

We have put a lot of effort on this, we will provide you a large variety of resumes, ready for you to customize, and of course, use across any device.

Support for additional customization

If you ever need further assistance with you personal branding, we’ll hook you up with a personal designer, just for you.

No coding needed

Don’t lose anymore time building a website you’re only going to use once. Instead create a simple, easy to use, non-coding needed profile, manual updates and plugins are thing of the past.

Analytics and Stats

Know how your assets are being acknowledged and distributed around. Take control of your digital online identity with our analytic feedback.

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